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I’m back!…Kinda.

After stepping away from my blog for a little while (read about it here), I am back to test the waters.

I had found that blogging had become quite a stressful experience and was starting to impact me negatively, so took the decision to have a break from it and also delete some associated social medias.

I’ve had mixed feelings about these decisions, so here is what I discovered I felt regarding each aspect:


Not having to write posts I have felt obligated to do has been great, and having the time to re-energise myself creatively has worked wonders.

Considering I only said my ‘goodbye for now’ less than two weeks ago, you can see how much I have missed the site. I loved to read everyone else’s posts so to be able to do that again makes me very happy.

Instagram (deleted)

Deleting my Instagram is the decision I am happiest with. To start with, my blog Instagram was separate to my personal, so posting on it felt like living a weird double life.

I was also never happy with the quality of photographs I took, and was continually frustrated with the whole thing. Deleting the account made me realise that I had been using it for all the wrong reasons – I was trying to get more people to read my blog, which is not what I want Originally Lexy to be about.

Goodreads (deleted)

I had adapted my personal goodreads account into one for this blog so I had another place to post my reviews, which again comes back to the point of wrongly trying to gain a larger audience.

I am glad I made this account personal again, as reading is my favourite hobby, and by forcing myself to take notes for every book I read I lost a lot of the enjoyment from it.

Bookbridgr (deleted)

For those who don’t know, Bookbridgr is a site where you can request books in exchange for writing a review. I decided to delete my account for the site because I thought I wasn’t receiving any books.

However, in a twist of pure irony, today I received two books that I requested WEEKS ago, with absolutely no idea about it. So firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Book Bridgr as well as the publishers and authors of these books for sending them to me; I was very interested in these books when I read the synopses and can’t wait to read them.


Receiving these books was almost like a sign to resume my blog – I wanted to review these books because not only do I believe I owe it to the people who sent them to me, but also because I loved writing my new style of review as it was so relaxed. This makes it a great way to ease myself back into my blog.

I will admit, I was very unsure if I would ever resume blogging. However after taking the time away from it I feel like I can come back to it and make it better than ever.

Now I can write my posts for myself, not for other people and their tastes. If you look back through my blog you won’t see any more personal and honest posts like these, only quite detached ones. I want this to change, and to be able to write about things that may not interest other people, but are important to me.

I’m sorry for this incredibly long and rambling post, but I felt these things needed to be said. I will be reviewing the two books I have been sent on my blog when I am ready (NOT under self imposed time constraints), and after that I will be writing about anything and everything – of course, that still includes beauty, books, and study! My posts from now on won’t be on any sort of schedule; I’ll be writing them if and when I please.

Thanks for sticking around to the end of the post, I’ll be impressed if anyone made it this far!




Goodbye For Now

As you can tell by the title, this isn’t my usual cheery post. Lately I have found myself feeling negatively towards this blog, to the point where I have been feeling quite stressed about it – dramatic I know, but true.

I have been forcing myself to write posts because I feel I need to do it, not because I enjoy it as I once did. The same goes for my Instagram feed and Goodreads account.

Therefore I have decided to step away from Originally Lexy for a while. I have deleted my Instagram and Goodreads, to remove that feeling of pressure. My blog itself is staying exactly where it is, because I am proud of all the work I have put into my posts and want to be able to look back on them, as well as allowing all of you to re-read any posts.

I am starting University soon and know my time will be limited, and did not want this added pressure on top. I am unsure when or if I will resume with my blog, but I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me on here, it has meant the world.



Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys!

Taking some inspiration from YouTube, I will be sharing my everyday makeup routine with you. I tend to keep it quite simple and natural, with a few staple products.

Primer & Moisturiser


I cheat by combining these steps, and use my Superdrug Vitamin E Day Cream. I’ve spoken about this product before and how well it gets rid of my dry patches, in addition to how well makeup applies on top of it.

I usually let this sink into my skin for 5/10 minutes, and I will do my hair in that time.



Most days I will skip liquid foundation and just conceal under my eyes, around my nose, and any blemishes.

I have a few different concealers I like to use, but at the minute I have been layering the No7 Match Made Concealer under the YSL Touche Eclait to give my face some much needed brightening.

Setting Powder


I like to use a pressed powder foundation to set all my concealer, and also go over my face and neck to give it some colour.

Usually I will use a Bare Minerals powder but I sadly just ran out, so I bought the Primark PS… Mattifying Pressed Powder for the meantime. I can’t say it’s as good but it does the job!

Contour & Blush


Next I contour with Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer, which also helps give some more colour to my face (the British summer has not been kind).


On my cheeks I always go for this blush by Laval, which I’ve had for so long the label has rubbed off. This was really inexpensive but is the perfect pink for me.

Eyeshadow & Mascara


I don’t always wear eyeshadow for an everyday look, but if I do I choose one of these three to apply all over the lid and blend out with a fluffy brush.

L-R: No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Bronze; B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer in Bittersweet; No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Wheatsheaf.


The mascara I’m using at the moment is the Essence Get Big! Lashes Volume Curl. For some reason I apply this just to the top lashes when I don’t wear eyeshadow, and to the top and bottom lashes when I do – it’s just a habit.



Next up is my eyebrows, where I use the MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set (in Bold Brunette if you’re wondering).

I have to use a light hand with this otherwise my eyebrows can get too bold for a natural look, but it definitely keeps all the hairs in place.



On the lips I either use a clear lip gloss, or a nude lipstick.

My usual go-to’s (L-R) are: Revlon Balm Stain in Honey; NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes; Kiko Lipstick in 801; The Beauty Parlour Lip Balm in Coconut.

Setting Spray


To finish off I spray my trusty Makeup Revolution Pro Fix all over my face. I also use this through the day to freshen up my makeup as well.

Although this looks like a lot of products, all together this routine takes me 10 minutes to complete. This is my go-to for work, quick trips out, and days where I want to feel fresh faced.



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The Honey Farm on the Hill – Book Review

Hey guys!

I was lucky enough to receive The Honey Farm on the Hill for review from Bookbridgr and Headline Review. This was my first time receiving a proof copy so it’s pretty exciting!

The fact that I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review will in no way affect my opinions and thoughts on the novel.


The Honey Farm on the Hill by Jo Thomas

“We never forget the one who got away.  

Eighteen years ago Nell fell in love in the mountains of Crete and life changed for ever. Nell’s daughter, Demi, has never met her dad. Nell never saw him again. When she gets the chance to return to the hilltop town of Vounoplagia – where everything began – Nell can’t resist the urge to go back and find him. Working on a honey farm perched high up in the hills, there’s plenty to keep her busy. And she will quickly realise the town harbours just as many secrets as she does. But if Nell’s favourite romantic films are right, there’s a happy ending in store for each of us. All she has to do is seek out the magic of the mountains…

Jo Thomas takes you there.”

This book should come with a warning: ‘Will make you want to move to Crete and eat all the local food!’ If there was ever a book that transported me to a different place whilst reading it, this would be it. I read The Honey Farm on the Hill over several rainy miserable English days (typical), but felt as though I was in the mountains of rural Crete.

Nell is the perfect example of a real character – her life is unpolished and messy, and she makes mistakes like the rest of us. I love to see reality in books, as I feel you can relate to it so much more.

I was charmed by the descriptions of Vounoplagia, the lovable characters, and the detail of the town’s food (seriously, it made me hungry). Nell’s life on the honey farm, the town and mountain where she stays, and the mystery surrounding the towns downfall kept me intrigued and wanting to know more.

Although the story was a bit slow throughout, the short chapters (often between 3 and 7 pages) kept me interested and allowed me to pick it up and put it down as I pleased. The slow pace actually worked in the books favour in this scenario, as it felt like a relaxed, summer read.

I will admit that at times The Honey Farm on the Hill was repetitive with some obvious plot points. I felt as though the same information was relayed over and over again, and even the exact same lines repeated by the characters. I’m not too sure why this was, but it added nothing to the story.

When writing my notes for this post, the last thing I wrote after finishing the book was ‘fulfilling’, which for me sums it up perfectly. It was a simple read, yet you left feeling happy and that the story was wrapped up neatly. This read would be perfect for a summer holiday, and I wish I had read it on mine!

Rating: 3.75* /5

The Honey Farm on the Hill is published by Headline Review and is now available in paperback (£7.99), Ebook and Audio download.



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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation – Makeup Collection #4

Hey guys!

Continuing on with my Makeup Collection series – see #3 here – I will be reviewing the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation.

I have the shade 52 Vanilla if anyone has a similar skin tone to me and wants to know the colour.


Starting with the packaging, I do think it’s quite nice. The label is simple and the colours match the lid and pump, and the shape of the bottle is long and slim which is great for storing in my collection.

The pump itself gives good control over the amount of foundation you use – I typically use one and half pumps for a full face with no waste.


The colour I have is pretty much a perfect match for my skin, however as you can see it doesn’t look that way on the back of my hand. This is why you swatch on your neck and not your hands, people!

As for the formulation, it’s the best I’ve found so far. I’ve gone through two bottles of this already, so that just shows how good I find it. Because this is a gel foundation it applies very smoothly, almost like a second skin.

According to the bottle, the finish is semi-matte with light coverage, which is about right. The coverage is definitely light but can be easily built up, which is perfect if you like control over your foundation like me.


I’m not entirely convinced this is semi-matte, as it goes on quite dewy for me. However I always powder over my foundation, so again it’s not an issue. I think if you have textured skin this wouldn’t be for you – as you can see above it settled into the lines of my hand with one layer.

Another claim of this foundation is that it gives an even, revived complexion for 16 hours. I have never worn this product for that amount of time; probably 9 hours at the most. I do think this foundation has a decent lasting power, however it does start to fade away by the end of the day, and I imagine without a setting powder it would last for even less.

For £10.99 (Superdrug), this foundation is my favourite from the high street. Although it doesn’t meet all its claims, it does exactly what I need.

Rating: 4* /5



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Blog Updates

Hey guys!

I’ve hit a few blog goals this week as well as deciding on some changes, so I thought I’d share them with you.



I hit 200 followers on my blog! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me, liked and commented on a post, tagged me in awards, and has even just glanced at a post. When I first started this blog in March I didn’t think anyone would be interested (let alone 200 people), so it means a lot!

Proof Copy

This week I got my first ever book mail ahhh! I got a proof copy of The Honey Farm on the Hill by Jo Thomas, which I’m really excited to read and review (coming soon)!

If anyone is wondering, I got this proof copy by signing up to BookBridgr, which is a site where you can request books for review and join blog tours. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I just thought I’d let you guys know it exists because I didn’t for the longest time!



I decided to turn my private Goodreads page into one for Originally Lexy, so I can add my reviews from the blog there too. You can also see what books I’m reading and what I want to read, so have a look if you like!

I have no friends on there at the minute *small violin plays in the distance*, so if anyone wants me to add them leave your username in the comments!

Book Reviews

Following on, I have decided to change the format of my book reviews slightly. I’ve been using a format of Genre, Plot, What I Loved, What I Didn’t Love, which has been working fine but I think seems a bit artificial.

From now on I think I am going to give a brief summary of the plot then just write my thoughts as they naturally occur; I think it’s more personal that way. If anyone has any tips or blog posts on how they like to format their book reviews then leave them below!

Makeup Posts

So far I’ve been liking how my makeup reviews are going, so nothing will be changing there. However, I would like to do more ‘Testing One Brand’ posts, I think they’re so fun! So add that to my list of goals.

Study Posts

This poor, poor neglected section of my blog. I have significantly less study posts than makeup and books, which I want to change. Right now for most people it’s summer holidays, so it seems pointless to write these posts.

However, in September I will be starting my degree course, so will have loads of revision things to talk about! Another goal then is to write more study posts!



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July Favourites 2017

Hey guys!

July has flown by so fast that I didn’t have chance to find lots of new things to love – so this month I present you with a shorter favourites post.


Wild Orchid and Honey Reed Diffuser


For just £1 (Primark), the quality of this is great! As you can imagine this sends a sweet floral scent through my room, which is supposed to last up to a month.

However, my favourite part of this is the packaging! I’m a sucker for simple and sleek designs, so this ticks all the boxes for me.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks



Let’s get it out of the way that I love these products, not the person behind them. I got these in the BeautyBay sale for around £9 each, as I refused to pay the full price for them. Honestly I wanted to hate these a little, but I just can’t!

These are the best liquid lipsticks I’ve ever used – they don’t budge, they are opaque on the first swipe, and stay looking nice all day. Full review coming soon as part of my makeup collection series.


Choker Necklace


I’m still going strong on the choker trend, and for £2 in Primark I couldn’t say no to this one! It’s in the shoelace style, however it’s actually got a clasp at the back so you just clip it on and go.

This looks great with simple outfits just to add something exciting. I saw that Primark has a baby pink version of this too; I had to restrain myself not to get it!



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