Throne of Glass – Book Review

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass 

*spoiler free review*


I think I might be the last person on earth to start this series, but at least I finally got round to it! I initially bought this book as a Christmas present for my boyfriend, who after reading it proceeded to buy the rest. As he enjoyed it so much I decided to borrow it – so read on for my thoughts!


Fantasy, Young Adult


Celaena Sardothien was once the most notorious assassin in the land, but has now been banished to lifetime imprisonment, slaving in the salt mines of Endovier. But one day she is offered a deal by a Prince and his Captain – win a tournament set up by the King to become his champion, and after 5 years she shall be free.

Her journey to win her freedom is filled with ruthless competitors, disturbing and mysterious events, and even romance.

What I Loved:

I always enjoy a good fantasy read, and this did not disappoint. It had the classic format of the genre, which meant I could easily be sucked in by the plot.

However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t surprised by the book. About a third of the way in it took a turn I wasn’t expecting, as *slight spoiler* magic started to be introduced. Although I expected some fantastical elements, it wasn’t represented in a way I expected.

The characters in the book were what made it for me. I enjoyed seeing their development as the main trio of Celaena, Chaol and Dorian got to know each other.

What I Didn’t Love:

Not really as dislike, but more of a wish would have been to read more about the various tasks the competitors completed in the tournament. The book would just say something along the lines of ‘a few days passed and another task was done’. I found the tasks to be one of my favourite parts to read, so would liked to have read more.

If we want to speak about tropes, then the love triangle element was definitely there in this book. I didn’t necessarily dislike it, but I’m getting a bit tired of seeing it in YA.

Lastly, I have to say that the plot twists in this book were fairly obvious. That’s actually a big deal coming from me, as I tend to never guess by not analysing a plot too much, as I like to be surprised. So the fact there wasn’t much surprise was a bit disappointing.

Overall Thoughts:

I really did like this book, and it was a quick, fun read. I have been informed that the series only gets better from here on out and makes the first book look awful, so I’m excited to see what’s in store next.

Rating: 4* /5




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Revision Day Routine

Lately I have been really busy (hence why no blog posts in a while), so when I find some free time I like to have a ‘Revision Day’ to get myself back on track with my studies. Below you will find my typical routine, but obviously it varies – usually it depends on how tired I am haha!

9 AM – Wake Up

Once I have dragged myself from my bed, the first thing I do is have a shower to really wake myself up.

9.15 AM – Get Dressed

For a revision day I like to wear something comfortable, like a big t-shirt and some leggings. I tend to stay away from pyjamas though, as they make me want to get back in bed (can you tell I like my bed and sleep?).

It’s also around this time that I will eat some breakfast; my usual is porridge or tropical granola ~yum~.

2017-05-17 10.20.16-2

9.30 AM – Tidy Up

I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot concentrate if my room is a mess. Therefore I take the time to make my bed and put things away, so I’m not distracted by it when I revise.

9.45 AM – Pick A Workspace

Lately I have found that sitting at my desk doesn’t help me concentrate, so I have been trying to find new places to work. At the minute I am really enjoying going to the library to study, as there are few distractions.

Once I have chosen somewhere to work I like to set out everything I need (notebook, textbook, stationary etc.) so that I have it all to hand and ready to go.

2017-05-17 10.20.15

10 AM  to 12 PM – Revise

I will spend the next two hours revising; taking a break whenever I feel tired. During my breaks I like to read my book, as I can read one chapter then be back to work. I don’t have a set length of time or a schedule for my breaks, I just take them whenever I feel the need to.

12 PM to 1.30 PM – Lunch

Pretty self explanatory, but I give myself an hour and a half to eat some lunch and regain some energy. Recently I have been having a smoothie with my breakfast or lunch, as it helps to give me energy, and fills me up that bit more as well.

2017-05-17 10.20.15-1

1.30 PM to 3/4 PM

I will carry on revising until I can’t concentrate anymore, which is usually about 3 or 4 PM. I also take more breaks during this time.

4PM+ – Relax

After I have finished my studying, I tidy away all my materials and then take the rest of the evening to relax, and congratulate myself on being productive.

Side note: I don’t want any of you to be under the impression that I am a revision machine who follows this routine every single day.

This is completely not the case – I’m procrastinating my revision right now by writing this post. It is okay to have off days where you don’t feel like doing anything, and if that’s how you feel it is better to leave it for a day when you can focus better. Everything in moderation!



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Makeup Revolution Review – Collab with Fountainpensandfashion

Today’s post is something different but very exciting, my first collaboration! Myself and Laura from Fountainpensandfashion have come together to bring you a review of six products from Makeup Revolution!

A huge thank you to Laura who suggested this collaboration, and who was so lovely and easy to work with. Her blog is a mixture of fashion, beauty, and a really cool ‘daybook’ with updates on her day to day! I highly recommend you check her blog out (I’ll leave her links at the bottom).

Now onto the reviews! The order of the post is one review from Laura, then one from me and so on. Happy reading!


Strobe Highlighter:


I picked this product, as I have wanted to try strobing for ages and it looked like a pretty shade. When I opened it, it seemed nice and shimmery, which is good for strobing. Strobing is basically like highlighting, hence why it’s called a strobe highlighter. There wasn’t much different about this product compared to my MUA highlighters; I was expecting a lot more shimmer. It was quite a matted shade which surprised me, as it looked quite sparkly, and it needed to be built up a lot, as it wasn’t that pigmented when I applied it with my makeup brush. Even when I swatched it on my arm it didn’t show up on the camera. On the plus side, it is a nice shade and Make up revolution is cruelty free, but overall this wasn’t my favourite product, despite being only £3.


Redemption Palette Iconic 2:

2017-05-04 10.27.38

2017-05-04 10.31.13

This palette is supposedly a dupe for the Naked 2, and as I don’t own that I can’t compare  but what I can say is that this palette is incredible.

When I first picked this up for £4, I wasn’t expecting it to be as pigmented as it is. Particularly with the shimmers (which 9 out of 12 of them are), as with one swipe the eyeshadow is totally opaque.

They blend out really nicely, and considering that this is a pink toned palette, you still get a good range of colours to work with.

Rating: 5/5


Ultra Base Corrector Palette:

unnamed (1).jpg

I was so excited to get this as I have been wanting to try a colour correction palette for forever! The packaging for all of Makeup Revolution’s products is lovely and this was no exception. It was very good value for money at £6 and you got eight shades. There are colours for all different skin tones and they are mega pigmented, so it works well. I am going to be doing a colour correction specific blog about what all the different shades do so keep tuned for that one!

unnamed (2).jpg

unnamed (3).jpg

The only bad thing about this product was that there was what looked like condensation on the shades, which was a little bit odd, although it didn’t stop the product from working.


Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer:

2017-05-04 10.28.28.jpg

I really have a love/hate relationship with this concealer. Starting with the positive; the colour of this (02 Fair) matches my skin fairly well, and I can get away with wearing it without any foundation. The pigmentation of it is also good, and for £2 you can’t beat the price.

Now, the bad. You have to work with this product REALLY QUICKLY. The minute you apply it you have to blend it out, or it will dry and not budge. There’s definitely no time for applying it all over your face and then coming back to blend it.

I think that once you’ve figured out how to use this product, it isn’t half bad. If you can’t do your make up quickly though, then I don’t think this is one for you.

Rating: 2.75/5


Ultra Blush Palette

unnamed (4).jpg

I have truly saved the best until last. I originally thought this palette was an all in one highlighter, contour and blush palette, so I was excited to try it. The shades looked so pretty and shimmery, and you know I love some shimmer! But OMG THE SHADES! I wish I had done this as I video as my reactions to how pigmented these shades were was priceless, they just seemed to get better and better!

unnamed (5).jpg

unnamed (6).jpg

Despite it being called a blush palette, there is a contour shade and some shades that could be used to highlight or strobe. My favourite shade was the swatch that was 2nd to the right on my arm in the first picture, as it is literally liquid GOLD. And, the palette cost £6, as well as being cruelty free. By far my favourite product I own, and that’s saying a lot as I love MUA.

unnamed (7).jpg


ULTRA Professional Eyeshadow Flawless Matte:

2017-05-04 10.32.20.jpg

2017-05-04 10.34.34.jpg

Like most of Makeup Revolution’s products, this palette is very affordable at £8 for 32 shades. You get a wide range of colours, and I honestly think there is every transition shade you could possibly want. This is my go to palette for every day, as I can create so many eye looks with it.

The shadows have a smooth and fine texture, but there is a bit of fallout. As for pigmentation, it’s a bit hit and miss. The darker colours swatch really nicely, but the lighter ones need a bit of building up before they show. However, I don’t mind this too much as the overall effect is nice.

Another point to add is that these shadows don’t mix very well with a wet brush. If you look at the top right shade you can see where it has been discoloured, and has dried with a hard texture.

Rating: 3.75/5

Those are our thoughts on some of the products from Makeup Revolution! As a whole I think the brand has incredible value for money, as can be seen above you can create pretty much a full face with affordable but good quality products.

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April Favourites

Better slightly late than never, right? Last month I not only tried lots of new things, but also rediscovered some old loves!


If you have read either of my two mini reviews in April, you will know I have been loving the Lush Montalbano Shampoo Bar, and the Lush Oatifix Face Mask. As the month has gone on, I have fallen even more in love with them.

2017-04-07 18.54.23

Also thank you to everyone who commented and told me the face mask lasts longer than the expiry – my boyfriend bought me the full size as an early birthday present and I don’t have to rush to finish it yay!

TV Shows

I just have one TV (or Netflix) favourite, which is 13 Reasons Why. I know people have split opinions on this show and although I can see it flaws, I thought it was so gripping and heartbreaking that I couldn’t stop watching.

Ear Piercing

I got a second lobe piercing this month and I love it! I got it to encourage myself to wear more jewellery and because I can’t take the earrings out for 6 weeks, it’s definitely working (plus I like the way it looks too)!

2017-04-16 14.56.33

Make Up

MUR Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights

I haven’t had this for too long so I can’t give a full review on it, but so far this highlighter has lived up to the hype. It’s very pigmented, and leaves a really nice golden glow.

2017-05-04 10.21.35


I did a full review on April’s Birchbox so I won’t go into too much detail, but I have been loving the Nip + Fab Concealer and Baija Paris Tiare Flower Body Lotion included in the box. The concealer does wonders for my dark circles, and the scent of the body lotion is heavenly.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

This is a product that I have had for a few years, but just recently rediscovered and fell in love with all over again. It is a really nice pink-nude colour, that glides on nicely leaving a glossy (but not sticky) finish.

2017-05-04 10.28.42

2017-05-04 10.24.58

Make Up Remover Cloths

I saw a post on here recently (I really can’t remember who by, sorry!) where they said B&M were selling dupes for The Make Up Eraser for £1.99. Needless to say, I went and snatched one up immediately. You get two cloths for the price, and you just wet them and rub away your make up. This cloth is pure magic to me, and I can’t believe that it takes off all my make up with no product.

That’s it for April! If you have written any favourites posts then feel free to link them in the comments; I love reading them!



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Rules of Civility – Book Review

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles 

2017-05-02 13.55.58

Is this not the most beautiful book cover you’ve ever seen?! Maybe it was the main reason why I bought it – but in fairness, it was a total bargain at £1.99 in Oxfam. I went into this book with no idea of the plot, and came out pleasantly surprised. This review is spoiler free (yay!).


Historical, Fiction


It’s 1937, and Katey Kontent is living with her friend Eve in a New York boardinghouse. They are quickly running out of money while celebrating New Year’s Eve, until they bump into the generous Tinker Grey, a wealthy and handsome banker. The story follows the developing relationship between the trio, including the happiness and tragedy that follows…

What I Loved:

I’ve already said it, but I really love the cover. The design is so delicate and sophisticated, and the gold, white, and navy work so well together *insert heart eyes emoji*.

Throughout the book there are photos, which are explained at the start to be portraits taken secretly on the New York subway by Walker Evans (who is a real person). I found it so interesting to see what people looked like in the 30s/40s, especially when caught unaware.

When I first saw this book I was reminded of The Great Gatsby, which is a favourite of mine. Even though Rules of Civility is set over ten years later, it still has that same vibe of glamour and mischief among the rich, which I really enjoyed.

The writing by Amor Towles is beautiful, and again it reminded me of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s style. However, I found Towles’ writing a lot easier to understand, which was a bonus.

Rules of Civility was full of interesting and colourful characters, and even those not part of the main trio had backstories and personalities rich in detail, which I always appreciate in a book.

What I Didn’t Love:

With a cover as beautiful as this, you would imagine the back would follow suit. But no, instead of a blurb, we were given reviews from various newspapers and magazines. I don’t care if The Observer found it ‘Fabulous’, I just want to know what it’s about!

One thing in this book that I had never seen before was the use of hyphens instead of speech marks (see below). Although it’s not a massive thing, I sometimes forgot I was reading speech because of the lack of punctuation.

2017-05-02 19.06.14.jpg

Sometimes I felt the story got a bit lost in the effort of the writer to have meaningful and beautiful writing, which was a shame.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I enjoyed Rules of Civility, and it was fun, quick read. I liked the characters and the storyline, but I will say that I felt it was lacking something in places (I’m still not sure what).

Rating: 4* /5




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The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

Another tag! Massive thank you to Inside My Library Mind for tagging me, I had so much fun with this post! If you’re a book lover like me, then you definitely need to give her a visit.


What is your most inexpensive book? What is your most expensive book?

Mostly all the books I own are inexpensive, however the cheapest one I have bought lately is The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, which I got brand new for £1. I gave this book 4/5 stars; it definitely made you reevaluate your life.


The most expensive book I own is Harry Potter Page to Screen by Bob McCabe. If you are a Harry Potter fan this book is a must. It goes behind the scenes of every single film, as well as showing pretty much every design and drawing for the whole series.



What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

I’m going to have to go with John Green for this one. I loved The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, and Looking for Alaska, yet I found An Abundance of Katherines and Will Grayson, Will Grayson completely boring.



What book have you devoured over and over with no shame?

For this I am going to pick two series, which are The Hunger Games, and Twilight (don’t judge me!). I must have read each series through three times, back when I didn’t have a massive TBR list!





What book have you neglected reading due to laziness?

I have still not read Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I know that it’s important to read classics and I will get to it; I just don’t have the patience to fully understand and take in the writing style at the minute.



What book do you talk about to sound like an intelligent reader?

I can honestly say I haven’t read a book, at least that I can think of, that anyone would class as an ‘intelligent’ read. I just love me some YA Fiction.


What attributes do you find attractive in male or female characters?

I like a character that has their own mind, and makes intelligent decisions. I’m pretty much just looking for a Hermione Granger in every book I read.



What book would you like to receive as a gift?

Any book that I got as a gift would make me incredibly happy, but if I could choose I would love for someone to buy me the rest of the Outlander series (I own the first two). I just want to have them all so I can marathon!


That’s the end of the tag! I tag anyone who reads this post to give it a go, and if you do let me know; I’d love to read them!



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One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been nominated to do the One Lovely Blog Award tag! Huge thank you to TheAliceFan and OUT N’ ABOUT for nominating me – I love both their blogs and they are definitely worth checking out!




So here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees

7 Things About Originally Lexy

1. My real/legal name isn’t actually Lexy; it’s just a nickname. It’s probably not too difficult to figure out what it actually is.

2. My favourite meal in the world is chicken korma. I could eat it for a week straight and never get sick of it; it’s even gotten to the point that if I’m ill it’s the only food I have an appetite for.

3. For a small while when I was younger, I sort of stop bothering with the Harry Potter books/films (a tragedy, I know). This resulted in me not having any knowledge of the sixth book/film before going watching the seventh in the cinema. There was a PRETTY BIG plot twist at the end of Half Blood Prince that I didn’t know about – yep, I didn’t know Dumbledore had died and only realised about halfway into Deathly Hallows! I’m a disgrace.

4. I’m in what I like to call my ‘accidental gap year’. I intended to not go to university and instead work a full time job, but I hated it so much that I ended up leaving. I am now going to university in September which I am sooo excited about. It shows that there’s always another option if you are unhappy!

5. Whenever I am bored or have had a bad day, I tend to make impulsive changes to myself the same day. So far that has included dying my hair dark brown and purple, cutting it from pretty long to shoulder height, and getting a second lobe piercing. Nothing crazy I know, but should probably have required more than an hours thought.

6. My biggest accomplishment to date is learning to drive. Not because I found it intensely difficult (not that it’s easy!), but because I was terrified of driving and cried before most lessons and both driving tests I took. It’s funny looking back because now I quite enjoy it!

7. I have two memory boxes, where I add bits and pieces from travels, dates etc. I have filled one that has items from when I was about 5 and up, then I have another that contains tickets, cards, photos, and a few other bits from my boyfriend.


That’s seven things about me! I’m not exactly sure they’re facts, but I tried to think of things that were a bit more interesting.

I am nominating: Tabi Bee, Inside My Library Mind, Megan Gorman, ivanamakeupworld, sayeedahsparkles, and kaliborovic. These lovely people have amazing blogs that I highly recommend you look at!



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