How to be Study Ready

Hey guys!

As promised, I am back after an obscenely long time  with a study post!

I will be sharing how I organise my university study life, and hopefully it might help and motivate some of you (and me in the future when I lose motivation haha)!

Organising your Subjects & Notes

2017-10-09 23.34.20

It’s important to split up your learning into manageable sections, so that things don’t become a muddled mess. You could divide your learning into subjects, sub-topics, or in my case modules.

In order to make note taking for each module easier I bought a 5-subject planner, so I already had the sections mapped out. Alternatively, you could buy a notebook per subject/module, or put everything into a folder with dividers. As long as it’s separated!

2017-10-09 23.32.57

At the start of each section, I have added a full page dedicated to notes. For me this is random things like due dates and email addresses, which don’t fit in with my module/subject.

Now for the best part – decoration! As you can see I like to draw over my letters and highlight each title, making sub-topics within my modules easier to find.

I also assign a colour to each module. I use a pen of that colour to underline important information, and then place any loose sheets I am given in a plastic folder of the same colour. It makes everything easier to group together, and avoids confusion.

Planning Your Time

2017-10-09 23.33.48

I think having a large calendar so you can see what’s upcoming is very important if you want to stay on top of your work. I have three different types of events on mine – University, Other University, and Social, each written on with a different colour (naturally).

University is for my timetable, Other University is for non-timetabled events, and Social is any activity not relating to uni. This gives me a good overview of each week and shows me where I have free time to fit in my work.

2017-10-09 23.32.24

Speaking of work, every time I get an assignment I will write it on a simple To Do List, which I write every week. This means you won’t forget to do anything, and it’s also really satisfying when you can tick everything off!

I hope this post makes sense! I haven’t written a blog post in so long, so I feel it may not make the most sense, but I hope you can at least find something of use in there.




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