Benefit High Beam and Posie Tint – Makeup Collection #5

Hey guys!

Continuing on with my Makeup Collection series, I will be reviewing Benefit’s High Beam and Posie Tint.

If you missed the previous post in the series, you can find it here.

High Beam


This liquid highlighter is one of the first products I ever tried from Benefit around two years ago, and as you can see I still have half left! I also have a mini size of this which came in a set with Posie Tint, which is perfect for travelling (and also no where near finished)!

I like the packaging on this; the font is nice and simple and the transparent glass lets you see the shimmery goodness within. The applicator is similar to a nail polish brush, which works fine.

The colour of this highlighter is a pale pink, which isn’t for everyone. However, the formula is pretty great. It applies to the skin as pigmented as you see in the bottle, and can be blended out to give a subtle sheen to the skin. (Top swatch)


I will admit that I haven’t used this product in a while, as I tend to favour powder products over liquid. I always used to apply this on top of foundation and under a setting powder, which I found significantly reduced the glowing power.

However when I was playing around with this today, I realised that it looks AMAZING on naked skin, and gives an effortless highlight to the cheekbones. If you are a natural makeup type of person, I think this would work very well for you.

Rating: 4*/5

Posie Tint


Posie Tint is marketed as a lip and cheek stain, with emphasis on the stain. But more on that in a second.

As mentioned earlier this is the travel size, which is really small (and cute) but contains a lot of product as again it is a liquid. I like the reflective pink packaging, and the applicator is almost similar to High Beam, except this brush is slightly harder – I guess so it soaks up less product?

The colour of the product is a pure bubblegum pink. I’m not too keen on this as a cheek colour as I think it’s too light, but would be nice for a fun lip look. (Bottom swatch)


Now, the formula. I don’t think stain is a strong enough word for what this does. If you think you can apply this to you cheeks and blend with your fingers, then think again. You will have bright pink fingers for the rest of the day!

After a lot of trial and error I have found the best way to apply this to cheeks is to swipe some on a stippling brush, and then blend from there. Not only does this stain, but it dries so fast that if you don’t do some quick blending you’re in trouble.

Posie Tint works a lot better as a lip tint, and gives them a nice pink glow all day. My only issue is that if you aren’t quick enough to spread the product it can be streaky.

As a testament to how much this stains, I can currently see on my arm the swatch I did 6 hours ago that has not faded after scrubbing with a makeup remover wipe and coconut oil. Eek.

Rating: 2.75*/5




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