Revelations & Reviews

I’m back!…Kinda.

After stepping away from my blog for a little while (read about it here), I am back to test the waters.

I had found that blogging had become quite a stressful experience and was starting to impact me negatively, so took the decision to have a break from it and also delete some associated social medias.

I’ve had mixed feelings about these decisions, so here is what I discovered I felt regarding each aspect:


Not having to write posts I have felt obligated to do has been great, and having the time to re-energise myself creatively has worked wonders.

Considering I only said my ‘goodbye for now’ less than two weeks ago, you can see how much I have missed the site. I loved to read everyone else’s posts so to be able to do that again makes me very happy.

Instagram (deleted)

Deleting my Instagram is the decision I am happiest with. To start with, my blog Instagram was separate to my personal, so posting on it felt like living a weird double life.

I was also never happy with the quality of photographs I took, and was continually frustrated with the whole thing. Deleting the account made me realise that I had been using it for all the wrong reasons – I was trying to get more people to read my blog, which is not what I want Originally Lexy to be about.

Goodreads (deleted)

I had adapted my personal goodreads account into one for this blog so I had another place to post my reviews, which again comes back to the point of wrongly trying to gain a larger audience.

I am glad I made this account personal again, as reading is my favourite hobby, and by forcing myself to take notes for every book I read I lost a lot of the enjoyment from it.

Bookbridgr (deleted)

For those who don’t know, Bookbridgr is a site where you can request books in exchange for writing a review. I decided to delete my account for the site because I thought I wasn’t receiving any books.

However, in a twist of pure irony, today I received two books that I requested WEEKS ago, with absolutely no idea about it. So firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Book Bridgr as well as the publishers and authors of these books for sending them to me; I was very interested in these books when I read the synopses and can’t wait to read them.


Receiving these books was almost like a sign to resume my blog – I wanted to review these books because not only do I believe I owe it to the people who sent them to me, but also because I loved writing my new style of review as it was so relaxed. This makes it a great way to ease myself back into my blog.

I will admit, I was very unsure if I would ever resume blogging. However after taking the time away from it I feel like I can come back to it and make it better than ever.

Now I can write my posts for myself, not for other people and their tastes. If you look back through my blog you won’t see any more personal and honest posts like these, only quite detached ones. I want this to change, and to be able to write about things that may not interest other people, but are important to me.

I’m sorry for this incredibly long and rambling post, but I felt these things needed to be said. I will be reviewing the two books I have been sent on my blog when I am ready (NOT under self imposed time constraints), and after that I will be writing about anything and everything – of course, that still includes beauty, books, and study! My posts from now on won’t be on any sort of schedule; I’ll be writing them if and when I please.

Thanks for sticking around to the end of the post, I’ll be impressed if anyone made it this far!




6 thoughts on “Revelations & Reviews

  1. Having to review books and write posts definitely adds pressure and takes away some of the enjoyment for me. I’m glad you’ve found a compromise that you’re happy with so you don’t give up on something you love.

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