Blog Updates

Hey guys!

I’ve hit a few blog goals this week as well as deciding on some changes, so I thought I’d share them with you.



I hit 200 followers on my blog! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me, liked and commented on a post, tagged me in awards, and has even just glanced at a post. When I first started this blog in March I didn’t think anyone would be interested (let alone 200 people), so it means a lot!

Proof Copy

This week I got my first ever book mail ahhh! I got a proof copy of The Honey Farm on the Hill by Jo Thomas, which I’m really excited to read and review (coming soon)!

If anyone is wondering, I got this proof copy by signing up to BookBridgr, which is a site where you can request books for review and join blog tours. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I just thought I’d let you guys know it exists because I didn’t for the longest time!



I decided to turn my private Goodreads page into one for Originally Lexy, so I can add my reviews from the blog there too. You can also see what books I’m reading and what I want to read, so have a look if you like!

I have no friends on there at the minute *small violin plays in the distance*, so if anyone wants me to add them leave your username in the comments!

Book Reviews

Following on, I have decided to change the format of my book reviews slightly. I’ve been using a format of Genre, Plot, What I Loved, What I Didn’t Love, which has been working fine but I think seems a bit artificial.

From now on I think I am going to give a brief summary of the plot then just write my thoughts as they naturally occur; I think it’s more personal that way. If anyone has any tips or blog posts on how they like to format their book reviews then leave them below!

Makeup Posts

So far I’ve been liking how my makeup reviews are going, so nothing will be changing there. However, I would like to do more ‘Testing One Brand’ posts, I think they’re so fun! So add that to my list of goals.

Study Posts

This poor, poor neglected section of my blog. I have significantly less study posts than makeup and books, which I want to change. Right now for most people it’s summer holidays, so it seems pointless to write these posts.

However, in September I will be starting my degree course, so will have loads of revision things to talk about! Another goal then is to write more study posts!



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