The Great Gatsby – Book Review

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Today I’m reviewing The Great Gatsby, which is actually a re-read for me. I was first interested in the book after seeing the film adaptation with Leonardo DiCaprio (which is my favourite film of all time), and was just as enchanted with the written version.

However I hadn’t read the book for a few years, and decided it was time for a revisit. As I’ve read it twice you can probably guess I like it quite a bit, but read on for my full thoughts.


The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald




Bonds salesman Nick Carraway moves to West Egg, and finds himself neighbour to the mysterious Jay Gatsby. Gatsby likes to throw extravagant parties, that are revered and attended by the wealthy and famous of 1920s New York.

When the two meet at one such event, Nick suddenly finds himself entangled in Gatsby’s life…

What I Loved:

I think one of the reasons The Great Gatsby became such a classic was the beautiful flow of Fitzgerald’s writing. The sentences he creates transport you to a time of opulence and extravagance, and his writing is honestly the best I’ve read so far. I can’t tell you the number of quotes I adore from this book!

The roaring 20’s is such a fun era to read about, and what better book to educate yourself about it than one written at the time. Again the scene setting in this book was incredible, so I could imagine it perfectly. Can we bring this lifestyle (the good parts at least) back for the 2020’s?

My edition of The Great Gatsby (Wordsworth Classics) included a notes section explaining the more obscure references to 1920’s pop culture. I really liked this element as I could better immerse myself into the time and place.

What I Didn’t Love:

I feel like without having seen the film adaptation before reading the book, I wouldn’t have fully understood some of the happenings in the story. This is more a criticism of myself than the book, simply because I know very little of places in New York whenever a location was described, and also the language was slightly old fashioned (making it a classic).

Overall Thoughts:

As someone who is usually a hater of classics, I was surprised a second time by how much I lost myself in the story. If you only ever read one classic book in your life, make it this one.

Rating: 4.75* /5



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