Four Unconventional Ways to Revise

Hey guys!

Exam season is over for most – however lots of people continue to revise to keep subject content fresh for the following year.

I for one hate the idea of revising when I should be enjoying a summer off, which is why I have come up with 4 unconventional ways to revise that won’t bore you to tears.

Short Videos

10 minute videos are the perfect way to top up your subject knowledge without losing concentration. My favourite videos are on the Youtube channel Crash Course.

Screenshot_2017-07-20-13-17-52-1Image Screenshot from Youtube

Run by John Green (that mildly famous author), there are videos on pretty much every subject you could think of. The videos have fun graphics and short facts that keep you interested, as well as giving the key information.


More specifically, Graphic Novels! Rather than battling through a thick textbook, a graphic novel will give you a shortened version with cool illustrations to go with it. It’s the perfect refresher for when you don’t feel like doing masses of study.

A quick google search of ‘your subject graphic novels’ will give you masses of results, and you can even get them in a library if you’re lucky!


OpenLearn is an excellent online resource for when you want to do some more intense study. It is run by the online Open University, and offers course samples, printable resources, and TV programmes all for free!


From what I understand you can also get a printable certificate of participation once you complete certain modules, which is always helpful for uni applications, job applications etc.

Documentaries and Films

Lastly, documentaries and films are an easy way to revise. Most of the time it doesn’t even feel like revision! The BBC has some great documentaries, and there’s loads more that are easy to search for on the internet.

Films are obviously not for every subject, but for subjects such as English Literature and History, they are a great resource.

Let me know if you think of any different ways to revise!



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