NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams Review – Makeup Collection #2

Hey guys!

Continuing on with my Makeup Collection series, I will be reviewing the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams which I have in four different shades. I’ve had these for over 6 months now and have found every pro and con, so read on to hear my thoughts.

2017-07-08_14.52.10 - Copy

Let’s start with the packaging, which I’m quite a fan of. I like that the colour of the tube matches the liquid lipstick (sorry, soft matte lip cream) inside. The tube is made of a sturdy plastic which has held up well in my makeup bag and cleans well. The same can’t be said for the matte black lid, which I cannot get clean to save my life.

The applicator is a standard fluffy doe foot which applies the colour easily enough. The formula of the SMLC is quite mousse-y, which makes it easy to glide on. I will say that the formula of 23 Berlin (the brown shade) seems somewhat drier than the rest, however it’s fine to work with.

As with most liquid lipsticks these dry down matte, and can therefore feel drying on the lips. I find that if you apply a lip balm beforehand it drastically cuts down the dry feeling. With one coat you get a nice smooth texture, however with any more it will start to crack, so I recommend sticking to the one.


The pigmentation of these are to a pretty high standard. As you can see in the swatches they initially can go on quite streaky, but once you smooth it out with the applicator any streaks disappear and you are left with a strong colour.

As for lasting power, they wear pretty well. They aren’t 100% transfer proof, and will come off with eating and drinking. However, they do fade quite nicely so it’s never been a problem for me.

The SMLC also smell like buttercream icing. For someone who loves sweet smells like me it’s a dream, but I can understand that some of you will dislike it. The price point is very reasonable at £6 each (although I could have sworn I only paid £5/ £5.50 when I got them).

When comparing the quality of the product to the price, you really can’t go wrong. The SMLC have been a staple in my makeup routine for quite some time, and I love the formula and finish.

Rating: 4.25* /5



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