Holiday Haul

Hey Guys!

Not so long ago I went on holiday, and of course had to look around the shops. This is just a quick look at what I purchased!



I forgot to bring a small bag on holiday, so I set out to find one – and stumbled across this *insert heart eyes emoji here*.

My usual choice of bag is black and sleek, but in the holiday mood this one screamed BUY ME. It’s the perfect size for just your purse and phone, and can be worn cross body or as a clutch.

I just loved the faux suede baby pink material, with all the colourful accessories adorning it. It was super cheap at under 10 Euros; unfortunately there isn’t a brand on this for me to tell you, but I’m sure there are similar bags online if you search about.


I found an independent Lush type shop abroad, and couldn’t resist a look (and a buy). These two bath bombs smell great – Tutty Fruty obviously smells fruity, whilst Bora Bora smells like a tropical sea destination.


These soaps were made in the shop itself, and I’m so wishing I bought more! They’re made with softening ingredients so my hands have very much enjoyed them. So has my nose for that matter – the scents are Lemon, Strawberry and Melon, and they smell great.

Thanks for reading!



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