Mini Book Reviews + Audiobook Experience

Hey Guys!

Rather than my usual book review format, I am doing something a little different. I have two books to give shortened reviews for, as well as my experience with listening to an audiobook for the first time (I’m late to the game, I know)!

Sidenote: I am giving short reviews because both books are sequels to ones I recently reviewed, and didn’t want to repeat myself. My book reviews will continue in normal format after this!

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Mass

Rating: 3* /5


And it was all going so well! This is the first 3 star rating I have given in quite a while, after reading so many books I enjoyed. Unfortunately, this book put me in a slump which possibly affected the next book too.

In my review of the first book Throne of Glass, I gave it 4 stars and thought it was a good start to the series. Crown of Midnight sadly fell short for me – the storyline and execution was just lacking.

It somehow managed to be confusing with small bits of information all over the place, yet a predictable story for the most part. I don’t think I will be continuing on with this series; it just wasn’t for me.

The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner

Rating: 3* /5


After my disappointment in Crown of Midnight, I was hoping the sequel to The Eye of Minds which I had again recently enjoyed would improve my reading mood. You guessed it, I was wrong.

Firstly, that cover is not my favourite. By a long shot. In the nicest way possible, it looks like my college graphic design work when we were first let loose on photoshop.

Aside from the front *shudders*, I only just finished this book yet can remember no events of significance from it. Surely that’s not a good sign? I feel like the characters just milled about and didn’t do a whole lot.

I think the first novel should have been a standalone, as I really did enjoy it. I will be finishing this series as there is just one book left and I’m morbidly curious. You never know, it could totally blow me away and I will reassess my harsh judgement. We’ll see.

Audiobook Experince – HP and the OotP by JK Rowling


As I have read this multiple times and my opinion on the Harry Potter series is ONE OF THE BEST OF ALL TIME, this will be a review on my experience of reading via an audiobook rather than the novel itself.

I decided for my first audiobook to pick something I was familiar with, which turned out to be a good choice. It didn’t take me too long to get used to the new format, especially with the excellent narration of Stephen Fry.

Although the voices were totally different than what I imagined, Fry did some pretty funny imitations of characters. At one point during a quidditch match commentated on by Lee Jordan, his voice sounded like it was coming through a speaker which really enhanced the experience.

All that being said, I still prefer the written word. I often found myself not fully listening to the book and having to backtrack, however I do like having this as a background to tasks I’m doing. I don’t think anything could beat a physical book!

Thanks for reading!



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