The Eye of Minds – Book Review

It’s book review time! As mentioned in my Mini Book Haul, I will be reviewing the first book in The Mortality Doctrine series, The Eye of Minds by James Dashner.

I loved the Maze Runner as a series, and was keen to read more of Dashner’s work. When I heard the premise for this book I knew I had to read it – anything involving virtual realities is always a winner with me. Read on to hear my thoughts!



Sci-Fi, Young Adult


Michael, like most people, spends most of his time in the VirtNet – an immersive virtual reality where you can meet up with others, and do or be anything you want.

It’s seemingly harmless – until one day there are reports that a gamer is taking others hostage, leading to deadly consequences not only in the VirtNet, but in the real world too.

Michael and his friends Bryson and Sarah are top gamers, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the government. They enlist the trio to find and stop the hacker, leading to a lethal adventure throughout virtual reality.

What I Loved:

The format of this book was reminiscent of Percy Jackson, a series I adore (I’ve also heard the plot is similar to Sword Art Online, which I haven’t seen). The three main characters went through all parts of the virtual world, and also faced a ‘challenge’ of some sort in each place. This type of plot really appeals to me so it was fun to read.

Despite how this book is pretty much an advert warning against the dangers of virtual reality, I want to go inside the VirtNet! The places they visited sounded so cool (thanks to good description), and who wouldn’t want to do whatever they wanted with no consequences?!

THE PLOT TWIST ENDING. I’m annoyed I didn’t see it, but it was a pretty good cliffhanger.

What I Didn’t Love:

I found Sarah and Bryson to be very two dimensional characters. You were told very little about them and only got a glimpse at their personalities. Considering they were in the entire book, I would have liked to know a bit more about them.

Despite the fact I didn’t manage to guess the ending, the other plot twists in the novel were quite obvious. I think that this book would be better suited for a Middle Grade/Teen genre rather than YA for that reason.

Overall Thoughts:

I need to carry on with the series after the cliffhanger ending! I’m just hoping the characters and plot can develop and mature a bit more as the series continues.

Rating: 4* /5



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