Mini Book Haul

On a recent shopping trip I headed straight for  accidentally drifted *ahem* into The Works, and I of course ended up leaving with four books. However, it only cost £9 for the lot ~bargain~!

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


I picked this up for just £2! I had been wanting a physical copy of this for a long time after reading it as an ebook, and for that price I couldn’t say no. The Works had loads of these Wordsworth Classics editions, with everything from Shakespeare’s plays to Jane Austen, and it’s taking all my self restraint not to go back and buy them all!

The Mortality Doctrine Series by James Dashner


I then picked up this box set of the Mortality Doctrine Series for £7. I loved the Maze Runner series and had The Eye of Minds on my TBR for quite a while, so was very excited to find them all at such a good price. I have read the first book, so a review is on its way!

That was my quick little haul! I’m thinking of doing a ‘Where I Buy Cheap Books’ post listing a few of the places I buy from, so let me know if you’d like to see that!



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5 thoughts on “Mini Book Haul

  1. I tried to read The Great Gatsby years ago and was soooooo confused. I think because there was just too many characters and a lot of everything going on. Lol but you have a awesome little haul there and excellent post!! 😊✌🏻✌🏻💖

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