Lush Haul

My obsession with Lush is well known to my family and boyfriend, so when my birthday rolled around I was lucky enough to receive lots of Lush goodies!

I’m very grateful for what I got, and thought it would be fun to share them with you all in a haul!

Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

2017-05-28 14.21.10

I’ve used this before and was very happy to have another. It has a citrus scent (my favourite) and makes the bath a beautiful gold.

The Experimenter Bath Bomb

2017-05-28 14.21.11

Finally I have my hands on this! I’ve wanted to try this for god knows how long, and I’m excited to see how it looks in the bath, especially as the colours on it are incredible.

Twilight Bath Bomb

2017-05-28 14.21.12-1

Another one I haven’t tried! This has such a nice relaxing smell, and I think will be perfect after a long day.

Think Pink Bath Bomb

2017-05-28 14.21.10-1

This is a classic that I have used quite a few times before. With my bath bombs I usually cut them up to get multiple uses, but this is just small enough to use all at once which is a fun change.

Razzle Dazzle Luxury Bath Oil

2017-05-28 14.21.11-1

I have never used a Lush bath oil before so I’m excited to see what this will be like. It has a sweet strawberry scent which is perfect for summer.

Montalbano Shampoo Bar

2017-05-28 14.21.13-1

I wrote a post on this not long ago as I already own and love this product, and my parents were kind enough to get me a back-up!

Seanik Shampoo Bar

2017-05-28 14.21.12

A second shampoo bar yay! This smells just like the sea and beaches, and I can’t get enough. I now have 3 shampoo bars to get through so I’m pretty much set for a year haha!

I honestly couldn’t believe how many Lush products I got and I can’t thank my parents and boyfriend enough for getting them!

Have you guys tried any of these products or got any recommendations? I’d love to hear them.



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