Empties #2

This is the second installment in my empties series! If you missed the first one, you can check it out here.

Impulse True Love Body Fragrance


I finished one of these in my last empties post too; I just seemed to have a never-ending supply of them (although I’ve used all of them up now yay!). I liked the scent of this one and it was handy to travel about with.

Miss Beauty Perfect Base Face Primer

2017-05-16 12.32.22

I loved this product, and for £1 I was very impressed with the quality. It had a moisturiser consistency, and make up sat nicely on top of it.

Collection Divine Volume Lash Mascara in Black

Unfortunately I hated this. I would apply it to my lashes but next to no colour would transfer, let alone give me any volume as it claimed. After only a month of use it started to irritate my eyes as though it was out of date, so I threw it away (so not technically an empty oops). It’s only saving grace was the wand, which worked well to separate lashes.

Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Burst Body Wash


This had the classic Sanctuary Spa scent which I really like, it’s quite a floral musky scent which makes a nice change from my usual choice of sickly-sweet. The only thing I was a bit unsure of was the beads, as they never seemed to burst.

Mitchum Pure Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

I bought this on special offer, and it was one of the best deodorants I’ve used. It comes in a spray can and lasts pretty much all day. I don’t think I’ll repurchase until it comes back at a cheaper price, though.

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray


This must be the third bottle of this that I’ve gone though. It’s got a cheap price tag but works well to keep my makeup in place. I also like to use it to refresh my makeup if it’s looking a bit cakey.

Sanctuary Spa Gentle Polish Body Scrub


This came in a set with the body wash, and has the same scent. As the name suggests it was a gentle scrub, which I enjoyed using.

I’ve been quite surprised at how many products I use since tracking them for these posts. I’m aiming to get through all my similar products before repurchasing any more, for example body lotions (of which I have a LOT to get through). That way I’m saving money, and will have more empties to write about!



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3 thoughts on “Empties #2

  1. We are on the same wavelength, ever since I’ve started to do empties posts I’ve realised how much products I use & how many I still have to use up, so it’s definitely saving me money. Plus instead of flitting from one product to another without giving them a chance I’m really seeing what works and what doesn’t.
    Great post.

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