Exam Preparation – The Night Before

In the UK, GCSE and A Level exams are just around the corner, so I thought it would be the perfect time to continue on with my study series. For this post I will be sharing my routine that I followed the night before an exam.

You might do something completely different to prepare, which is totally fine – as I always say, not everyone does things the same. I just want to share my particular routine, in the hopes it is useful to someone who needs a bit of guidance.

Revise Only the Key Points

Nothing would stress me out more for an exam than trying to cram my brain full of information the night before. To solve this, I would make sure I knew the course content ahead of time, so that the night before I could just look over the key points (usually by reading through notes, revision cards, or a mind map).

Pack Your Bag

2017-04-18 11.39.52-1.jpg

Find all the equipment etc. that you will need to take the next day, and pack it all into your bag so you don’t have to run around looking for it in the morning. If you want to be extra prepared, write a checklist of the equipment so you don’t find you’ve accidentally forgotten something once you get to school/college (yes, I did this).

Lay Out Your Clothes

Similar to the previous tip, decide what you want to wear the next day and hang it up on your wardrobe/ lay it out on your bed/ whatever you do with your clothes. This will save time and stress in the morning.


Once I have completed my revision for the evening, I like to take the time to properly relax. Typically I will run a bath and add a bath bomb, then take the time to clear my mind a bit. If I’m feeling like I really want to pamper myself, I will put on a face mask to make my skin glow – I always feel that if I look better, I am more confident in what I have to do (anyone else?).

Put Your Phone Down

2017-04-18 10.56.18

In the last couple of hours before you go to bed, put your phone away from you. Not for the usual reason that ‘technology is bad for you blah blah’, but so that you don’t read all the messages and statuses from classmates panicking about the exam and asking you for help. Instead, watch some Netflix or read your favourite book to distract yourself from the day ahead.

Go To Bed

Lastly we have the most obvious point, which is not to go to bed at stupid-o-clock.  Even if you are struggling to sleep, the act of lying down and closing your eyes will still give your brain and body some rest.

Those are all the tips I have for you! If you guys have anything you would add or change then please let me know in the comments!




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