Testing Essence Makeup

I’ve seen a fair number of youtube videos now that rave about the budget brand Essence, and decided it was time to give it a go myself. I initially only went to Wilko (where the brand is sold) is to buy a concealer, but of course ended up with three other items. Below is my first impressions of each product, as well as how it performed after a few hours wear.

Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-up and Concealer

2017-03-24 11.12.56.jpg

Shade 20 Nude Beige, £3.80

On first impressions, this product has very high coverage and concealed my imperfections well. It has a smooth texture and was easily blended with a beauty sponge. However, it clung to my dry patches around my eyes, so I would suggest using a good moisturiser before applying. If like me you intend to use this product as just a concealer, you get excellent value for money with a product amount of 30ml; compared to the usual concealer tube size of around 7ml.

After 5 hours of wear, the concealer had not moved or slid around my face. It had sunk into the fine lines under my eyes, although this is pretty standard for me with most concealers (but still something to be aware of).

Rating: 7/10

Longlasting Lipstick

2017-03-24 11.21.33.jpg

Shade 28, £2.30

Essence has quite a good range of lipsticks, with a lot of shades and a few different finishes. I decided to go for this gorgeous brown shade, which has a slight sheen to it. The texture is very creamy and glides onto the lips, leaving good pigment behind. As this is a lipstick (and not a liquid lipstick) the product does not dry down, but instead stays smooth and moisturising.

Throughout the day I found this lipstick transferred when eating or drinking, but it faded really nicely so to me it wasn’t too much of an issue. I wore the product for around 5 hours with no lip liner, and it didn’t bleed into fine lines leaving me very impressed.

Rating: 8/10

Longlasting Eye Pencil

2017-03-24 11.17.48.jpg

Shade 02 Hot Chocolate, £1.50

In terms of eye pencils, I thought nothing could beat my beloved Barry M Waterproof Eyeliners – but this product proved me wrong. The Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil is incredibly highly pigmented, with a really nice creamy formula that makes it easy to apply. I chose this chocolate brown shade, which really complemented my eye colour and complexion. I applied the product to both my upper lid and waterline to really see how it performed.

After 5 hours, the eyeliner on my upper lid hadn’t budged or lost any pigment. In my waterline there was about half the product left, with some having faded off during the day – again this is normal for me, but something to be aware of if you’re thinking of buying.

Rating: 9/10

Get Big! Lashes Volume Curl Mascara

2017-03-24 11.23.49.jpg

Black, £2.30

When I opened this mascara, I was shocked at the brush – its huge! As you can imagine, it was quite hard to be precise with a large and fat applicator, especially on the lower lashes. However, the bristles of the brush are a good width apart, and really curled my lashes. I would say this mascara gives a slightly clumped effect, which I personally like. The colour itself is jet black and coated all my eyelashes.

After 5 hours the majority of this mascara had stayed in place, with a slight amount of smudging under my lower lashes. However I bought the non-waterproof version, so wasn’t surprised at this.

Rating: 7/10

Overall, I was really impressed with the brand and the quality of its products. With a grand total of £9.90 for four products, that’s very good value for money. I will definitely be checking out more of their products in the future.

Overall Rating: 8/10 





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