Best £1 Beauty Buys – Part 2

Today I’m back with the second part of my best one pound beauty buys. I’ve got three more products to tell you about, so without further ado:

Miss Beauty Perfect Base Face Primer

2017-03-21 13.54.54.jpg

For those of you out of the loop, Miss Beauty is Poundworld’s own make up line. While the range isn’t huge at the minute, what they have brought out is very promising. I have tried quite a few different primers in the past, but this is by far my favourite. The actual consistency is a cream, but once you’ve applied it to the face it dries and stays tacky. This creates the perfect base (as the name suggests) for your makeup to stick to, and I have found that when I’m using this my foundation stays looking nice for longer. I honestly can’t recommend this product enough, and will be trying out some other products from the line when I can get my hands on them (they sell out FAST). Miss Beauty can be found in Poundworld.

PS…Eye Contour Brush

2017-03-21 13.54.37.jpg

I’m not afraid to admit that when it comes to make up brushes, I’m a Real Techniques addict. Their brushes are great quality and stand the test of time. However, I find that sometimes their brushes, particularly for eyes, can be a bit overpriced. That’s where my beloved PS…Eye Contour Brush comes in. You’d think for a pound you’d be getting a brush that will last maybe five uses at best, but that couldn’t be more wrong. This brush is perfect for blending out eyeshadow, with a nice fluffy end. It has never shed a single hair in all the times I’ve used it, and even goes back to its original shape and feel perfectly after washing. The PS… product line can be found in Primark.

MUA Lipstick

2017-03-21 13.53.38.jpg

As I did in my previous post, I’m featuring another MUA product – this time, their lipsticks. MUA really seems to know the secret formula for great pigmentation. With one coat of this lipstick you get a totally opaque lip that is pretty true to the colour on the packaging. In addition to incredible pigmentation, this lipstick also has a good staying power up until you eat or drink. The shade featured is Tulip, which can only be described as a Barbie pink (looks amazing in summer). The range has a variety of colours including a jet black called Raven, which I hope one day I’ll be brave enough to try. MUA can be found in Superdrug.


That concludes my best one pound beauty buys! Thanks for taking the time to read, and if you have any other suggestions of products you love then please let me know so I can give them a try!




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