Best £1 Beauty Buys – Part 1

For today’s post I thought I’d share some of my best beauty finds, all for just one pound. This post is going to cater mostly to those of you in the UK, but I’m sure you can find most of these products on Amazon (the savior of internet shopping) for about the same price.

PS…Lip Liner Pencils

2017-03-21 13.56.13.jpg

PS… beauty lip liners are among the best I’ve ever tried. They are incredibly smooth and creamy, and easy to apply on the lips. These liners aren’t a traditional wooden pencil, but more along the lines of a Kylie lip liner (from what I’ve seen anyway). They’re perfect for anyone who struggles to outline their lips as they don’t drag, and there is lots of different shades to choose from. The only downside I will say is that you need more than one layer in order to get the exact shade shown on the packaging, but as I usually wear these under lipstick I’ve never found it an issue. The shades pictured are Red and Midnight, and can be found in Primark.

MUA Eyeshadow in Champagne

2017-03-21 13.55.00.jpg

For just a pound, the quality and pigmentation of this eyeshadow is insane. It’s a beautiful reflective creamy colour that I love to use in the inner corners of my eyes, and in the center of the eyelid to add extra dimension to an eye look. However, the best part about this eyeshadow is that it makes an incredible highlight. With just one swipe you’re left with a beautiful champagne glow that isn’t too glittery or chunky. As you can see I use this so much I’ve hit pan, and will definitely be repurchasing when I’ve run out. MUA can be found in Superdrug.

Dove Rich Nourishment Cream
2017-03-21 13.55.51.jpg

Dove wasn’t kidding around when they thought of the name for this moisturiser. I concentrate this on any dry patches on my skin, and with the tiniest amount my face is pretty much back to normal in an hour. If you have dry skin and haven’t found anything that works, definitely give this a go – and for a pound, if it doesn’t work you won’t have broken the bank. Some words of warning when using this, though – 1. Do not use it before makeup as a primer. The consistency is so thick that it’ll cause anything on top to shift around, and makes powder go very cakey (not a good look). 2. Use the smallest amount possible; if you use too much it will not sink in for a very long time (12 hours +). As you can see I have used very little of this product, and I’ve probably had it for close to a year. Dove rich nourishment cream can be found in Poundland.


Thanks for reading Part 1! Part 2 of my Best £1 Beauty Buys should be up in the next few days.




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