I’ve created Originally Lexy as a blog dedicated to reading, beauty and make-up, studying, and all things lifestyle. It’s also a place for my to put down all the creative thoughts that are cramming up my brain 24/7, and preventing me from getting anything productive done. As a first time blogger I am still trying to find my feet, but I hope to soon be able to make posts about the things that I enjoy and love. Even though I doubt anyone will be visiting this page anytime soon except for my boyfriend (hi, Thomas), if you have happened to stumble across this blog then welcome, and please bear with me until I can figure out how this site works.

I have chosen not to add a picture of myself, because for now I like the anonymity this this platform brings. Maybe that will change as I get more confidence with Originally Lexy, but I know for certain I won’t be transforming into a full fledged lifestyle guru Youtuber anytime soon (no hate, I’m addicted to their channels). For now, I am happy to tell you that I’m 18 years old and living in the United Kingdom, and at the end of this year I shall be starting university.

I hope this wasn’t too terrible for a first post, but I’ll improve (hopefully). Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my rambling thoughts.




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