November Favourites 2017

Hey guys!

It’s been a long while since I did a favourites, but after a bit of thought I’ve decided to bring them back!

Whenever I have made these posts in the past I have felt like I was just showcasing stuff I owned, which felt a bit…conceited.

However, these types of post are my favourite to read, which makes me think some of you might have enjoyed reading these too. So in short, monthly favourites are back, and I hope you enjoy!


Chupa Chups


The first of November is always a great day – I get to pick through the leftover Halloween sweets! Amongst the choices this year was these delicious lollies – Chupa Chups!

I hadn’t eaten one of these in years, but the minute I tried one I became addicted and ate way more than I should have in a week. Strawberries and Cream is the best flavour, by the way.




I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but I had to include Stephen King’s IT in this post because it took me ALL MONTH to read. At over 1000 pages, this was a task to try and complete whilst having a busy uni schedule.

Even though it took ages to get through and I’m still not sure on the ending, I loved the experience of reading this and the adventure it took me on. I think I’ll stay away from any more large books for a while, though.




I’m not usually too interested in clothes; I prefer spending money on books and makeup. However, I saw this yellow beauty in Primark and could not resist. I’ve been wearing this non-stop and it’s now my winter coat, and for £20 was a bargain.

I feel a bit like Coraline when I wear this (or maybe George from IT hahah), which I kind of love.




This is Jeremy (yes I named my plant), and he is a Mini Cyclamen. I wanted a plant to brighten up my room and to have something to take care of (it relaxes me).

I think the flowers on this are beautiful, and it blooms in winter which is great. I’ll be honest, this is an outdoor plant, and I’ve forced it to live indoors. He seems to be doing okay for now though!


Stranger Things

I only started watching Stranger Things in October (forever late to the party), but now I’ve watched both series and I am in love.

This is the first TV show in a while that’s made me feel emotion towards the characters, and I can’t wait for Series 3. Also, Steve Harrington is the best.




Cheap Books

Hey guys!

I honestly can’t tell you the last time I payed the full retail price for a book. I love to haul books and for that, they need to be cheap.

I know a lot of you on here love cheap books too, so I thought I’d list all the places I buy them from! I’m afraid that this post will be very UK oriented, but for those of you overseas it will give you an idea where to shop if you visit!

The Works


The Works has two main deals that are worth looking at; the first being 3 Books for £5. In the shop you will usually find a wall of paperbacks, all of which are on this offer, or can be bought individually for £2. I will admit that sometimes the selection can be a bit hit and miss, but in the past I have bought/seen Red Rising, Eleanor and Park, Paper Towns, The Hate You Give, Red Queen, and quite a few other YA titles, so it’s worth a look!

The second offer is their paperback box sets. They will sell these for stupidly cheap prices, as an example I got the whole of Marie Lu’s ‘Champion’ series for £7. I’ve also seen Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and a lot of other popular series for very cheap.


All the supermarkets in the UK tend to sell cheap books, but I’ve found the best to be Sainsbury’s and Tesco, where they sell the majority of them for £3.99. This includes new releases too, as they tend to try and undercut Amazon (which we will get on to later).

This selection is mainly adult books, but you do find some YA in there too. As an example, I saw Tesco selling the 20th Anniversary Harry Potter paperbacks for £3.99, which is still the cheapest I’ve seen them for.

Charity Shops & Car Boot Sales


Quite an obvious one, but charity shops sell books for super cheap. My favourite for books is Oxfam, where once you have sifted through the 200 copies of Fifty Shades, you can find a good book for as little as 99p. And you’re giving money to a worthy cause, so what’s not to love!

In the UK, I feel like I stumble upon at least two car boot sales every Sunday. If you’re just passing it costs nothing to have a look round, and you can sometimes find whole series of books that people want to get rid of for a very low price.



Now, we all know that Amazon sells very cheap books, but alongside that they have a another deal that is worth checking out – 3 Paperbacks for £10.

If you go onto the books section, on the left hand side is a link for this. From there they have hundreds of books in this offer, from all different genres. I know that right now you can get the whole ‘A Court of…’ series under this offer! In addition, when you buy more than £10 worth of books from Amazon your postage is free, so you also get this offer on top!

Adding onto this, Book Depository (which is owned by Amazon) sometimes have prices slightly cheaper than Amazon and have free worldwide shipping, so it can sometimes be worth comparing prices on there first.



Let’s get this straight – Waterstones is NOT cheap. However, I still recommend it for looking around and getting a sense of a real book shop.

Sometimes, you can find little clearance sections in the shop where they will sell slightly damaged books for half price or less – I once got the first book of the Vampire Diaries series for £3, and it only had one tiny dint in it, so it’s something to look out for!

There we have it! If you know of any other cheap book shops then please let me know!



I own none of the images and all rights belong to their respective owners.

How Many Pages Can I Read In A Week?

Hey guys!

Inspired by various readathons I’d been watching on Youtube, I decided it would be fun to challenge myself and see how many pages of a book I could read in one week.

For this week I had two books to read: Citadel by Kate Mosse, and IT by Stephen King. Both are pretty hefty books so I knew I wanted to finish at least one of them!

Citadel became my main focus for the week. I had already read some of this book, so started my challenge on page 247.


Part of the summary of this book says:

“France, 1942. While war blazes at the front lines of Europe, in the walled southern city of Carcassonne, nestled deep in the Pyrenees, a group of courageous women is engaged in an equally lethal battle. Like their ancestors who fought northern invaders seven hundred years before, these members of the French Resistance–code-named Citadel–fight to liberate their home from the Nazis”

Doesn’t that sound great?! Women fighting secretly against the Nazis! Unfortunately, the book is not as interesting as it sounds. I struggled my way through this, making my challenge all that much harder.

I think the main issue of this book was that it was too slow and seemed to focus on anything BUT the ‘courageous young women’. I would probably have DNF’d it if it weren’t for my determination to do this challenge!

After a whole week of reading it, I finished it on the last day on page 685! I can’t tell you how happy I was to shelve this brick of a book. For anyone curious, I gave this book 3 Stars, as my overall impression was ‘meh’.

Citadel Page Count: 438

Sadly, I didn’t end up reading as much of IT as I wanted to, but I did manage to read some in between Citadel. Before the week started I was 25% of the way through the book, which is roughly page 285.


I still can’t get over how gripping this book is! I’m not going to bore you with a synopsis as everyone has been talking about it this year, all I’m saying is you need to read it!

I saw the film in September and absolutely adored it, so I knew I’d enjoy the book (and be scared to death reading it).

At the end of the week I made it 33% through the book, which is about page 376. Now I’ve finished Citadel I can devote all my reading time to IT, and I can’t wait!

IT Page Count: 91


I know that for quite a few people this is nothing (and is less pages than a lot of books), but I’m really happy with that amount!

I’m hoping to repeat the challenge in the future and see if I can get past my previous result – hopefully while reading a better book!



Empties #4 + Product Updates

Hey guys!

Confession time: I have had this list of empties written down for MONTHS now, and I just never got round to writing about them oops.

As a result I binned all the empty products, so all images are from google and all rights belong to their respective owners.

If you haven’t read my last empties post, you can view it here.

Dr Brandt Pores No More Cleanser


I got this in a sample size from May’s Birchbox, and unfortunately it wasn’t for me. I used it after I removed my make-up to get rid of any remaining dirt, which it did quite well – however, it left my skin very dry after.

Repurchase – No

Kueshi Brillo and Volumen Hair Mask


Update – Again, I had this in a sample size from April’s Birchbox. I LOVED the smell of this (like marshmallows), and it did make my hair feel soft after. I’m not sure how much better it was than normal conditioner, though.

Repurchase – No, normal conditioner will do

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray


Essentially, this is just bleach in a bottle. I sprayed this on my hair after washing it and then combed it through. After a few uses you get nice light streaks (in already blonde/brown hair), and after using the whole bottle my hair is considerably lighter than when I started.

Repurchase – No, my hair is at the colour I want after using this

The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist


After owning this bottle for literal years, I was very proud of myself to finish it up. One of my favourite body shop scents; it reminds me of holidays abroad.

Repurchase – Yes, most likely in summer.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation


I finished two medium size tubs (the gift set sizes?) of this foundation, in two different shades. This is my holy grail of powder foundations and will always be my favourite.

Repurchase – YES

Lush Montalbano Shampoo Bar

Lush-Solid-Shampoo-Bar-MontalbanoUpdate – I did a product review of this earlier in the year, and someone commented asking how long it lasts. The answer is four months – I used this from April to August. I love the scent of this and it makes my hair shiny and soft, what more could I want?

Repurchase – I already have one ready to go once I have finished my Seanik Shampoo Bar

Manna Kadar Pressed Powder


Update – I also got this in April’s Birchbox, and all was fine and well until about a month later when it got drier than the Sahara Desert. I would try to swirl my brush in this and chunks of dried powder would fly out, so it went to the bin.

Repurchase – NO

That’s my horrifically late Empties #4!



How to be Study Ready

Hey guys!

As promised, I am back after an obscenely long time  with a study post!

I will be sharing how I organise my university study life, and hopefully it might help and motivate some of you (and me in the future when I lose motivation haha)!

Organising your Subjects & Notes

2017-10-09 23.34.20

It’s important to split up your learning into manageable sections, so that things don’t become a muddled mess. You could divide your learning into subjects, sub-topics, or in my case modules.

In order to make note taking for each module easier I bought a 5-subject planner, so I already had the sections mapped out. Alternatively, you could buy a notebook per subject/module, or put everything into a folder with dividers. As long as it’s separated!

2017-10-09 23.32.57

At the start of each section, I have added a full page dedicated to notes. For me this is random things like due dates and email addresses, which don’t fit in with my module/subject.

Now for the best part – decoration! As you can see I like to draw over my letters and highlight each title, making sub-topics within my modules easier to find.

I also assign a colour to each module. I use a pen of that colour to underline important information, and then place any loose sheets I am given in a plastic folder of the same colour. It makes everything easier to group together, and avoids confusion.

Planning Your Time

2017-10-09 23.33.48

I think having a large calendar so you can see what’s upcoming is very important if you want to stay on top of your work. I have three different types of events on mine – University, Other University, and Social, each written on with a different colour (naturally).

University is for my timetable, Other University is for non-timetabled events, and Social is any activity not relating to uni. This gives me a good overview of each week and shows me where I have free time to fit in my work.

2017-10-09 23.32.24

Speaking of work, every time I get an assignment I will write it on a simple To Do List, which I write every week. This means you won’t forget to do anything, and it’s also really satisfying when you can tick everything off!

I hope this post makes sense! I haven’t written a blog post in so long, so I feel it may not make the most sense, but I hope you can at least find something of use in there.



120 Eyeshadows for £7.99 – Are They Any Good?

Hey guys!

Before I get into the post, I just want to share a little life update. You may have noticed that I’ve not been as active on here as usual – that’s because I’ve started uni!

So far I am loving everything about my course and my new surroundings, which is really exciting! Because I’m soon going to get busy with work to do, my posts are going to be less than usual, but I will make up for it with great content! Maybe there will be some new study posts coming your way *winky face*

Now what you’ve actually clicked on the post for – 120 eyeshadows for £7.99?! You might be thinking, ‘surely not!’. But be assured, it’s the real deal.


I was doing some browsing for makeup bits on amazon, when I came across the ‘LaRoc Beginners Collection 120 Summer Eyeshadow Tones’ palette. When I saw the price was £7.99 (+£1.99 P&P)*, I clicked on it. When I saw it had nearly 800 reviews at 4.5 stars, I bought it.

*I just looked it up and it’s now on sale for £5.99! Annoying for me, but good for anyone wanting a bargain.


I waited very patiently *ahem* for the palette to arrive so I could see it in all its colourful glory. The palette itself is made of standard cheap plastic (think Morphe), which retains fingerprint marks very easily.

However it seems sturdy enough and has a good clasp to keep it closed. I’m guessing LaRoc is meant to be a ‘dupe’ for Lorac, but from what I can see Lorac doesn’t do any palettes similar to this.

When you open the palette you have two trays, one on top of the other. You lift the top one out and place it into the lid so you have the full palette, like in the picture above. As you can see you get pretty much every colour you could ask for!



Onto the most important part, the eyeshadow quality. For the most part, these eyeshadows are decent to great quality. There are one or two duds, but there is so many choices for one colour it doesn’t matter.

In the first picture is swatches of some of the mattes in the palette. In the pan they are incredibly soft (so much so that if you press too hard you’ll leave an indent)! They do go on a bit chalky, but they blend really nicely while keeping a lot of pigment.

My favourite is the white; it is so pigmented and makes the perfect base! One thing to mention is that there can be a lot of fall out, especially on the darker colours, so it could be a good idea to do your eyes before the rest of your makeup.

The palette has a decent mixture of mattes, shimmers, and glitters. In the bottom picture the gold, red, and silver are glitters, whilst the purple and brown are shimmers. I think the glitters are stunning; as with most palettes they apply best with your finger. The shimmers are good also, but not something I tend to reach for in every look.

20170912_104155-1Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette who???20170921_115402-1

Above are some eye looks I’ve done using the palette. Apologies for the difference in colour; they were taken on different days. As you can see the colours blend out nicely and you can create some really great eye looks.

So, is it any good? I would say YES. The price is perfect for a staple piece for your makeup collection, as you can have every colour you need at your fingertips. Are the eyeshadows high end quality? No, but you can easily combine these shadows with a high end palette like I do, and no one would know the difference. I’m so glad I found this palette!



Yuki Means Happiness – Book Review

Hey guys!

As mentioned in my Revelations & Reviews post, this is the second of two reviews on the books I received from Book Bridgr. A huge thank you to them as well as John Murray Publishers for sending this to me!

The fact that I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review will in no way affect my opinions and thoughts on the novel.


Yuki Means Happiness by Alison Jean Lester

“Diana is young and uneasy in a new relationship when she leaves America and moves halfway around the world to Tokyo seeking adventure. In Japan she takes a job as a nanny to two-year-old Yuki Yoshimura and sets about adapting to a routine of English practice, ballet and swimming lessons, and Japanese cooking.

But as Diana becomes increasingly attached to Yuki she also becomes aware that everything in the Yoshimura household isn’t as it first seemed. Before long, she must ask herself if she is brave enough to put everything on the line for the child under her care, confronting her own demons at every step of the way.

I set out to read a few pages of this book, and an hour later found myself totally immersed into Diana’s world. She leaves her life and boyfriend behind to move to Japan to take care of Yuki, a Japanese toddler.

I  had never read a book set in Japan before, so it was interesting to learn about Japanese traditions. From the treatment of children, to transport, to infrastructure, a lot of aspects of the culture were referred to. For example, instead of a drainpipe, Japanese houses use a chain to transfer water from the roof to the ground – I thought that was so interesting!

*spoilers below*

Yuki Means Happiness handles a lot of issues, but most prominently it discusses groping and sexual abuse, including in a child. Honestly I found this quite disturbing to read about, as from the cover and blurb of the book there was no way of knowing this was going to happen. For me this ruined the book, as I had set out to read a light book about an adventure in Japan, and this turn in events was not what I was looking to read.

This novel was equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking, and covered numerous important topics. However, I do think the marketing needs rethinking, as people who are triggered by this kind of thing could be caught unaware.

Rating: 3.5*